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2014 American Indian Film Festival


The 39th annual AMERICAN INDIAN FILM FESTIVAL will be presented November 1­ – 9, 2014.
The Festival, founded and produced by American Indians, chronicles our integrity as peoples,
artists, and activists. This year, the Festival will once again showcase short films, documentaries,
and features that come from the heart of Indian Country, produced by emerging and established
Indian/Non­Indian filmmakers. For many of them, this year’s Festival will be an important
stepping stone to other film festivals, theatrical venues, broadcasts, and web­based markets.

The Festival will open on Saturday, November 1. Across the next eight days, the public and
visiting filmmakers will be treated to a remarkable lineup of Indian films, with many screenings
followed by conversations with the directors.

The American Indian Film Festival is the world’s longest running exposition of films by and about
Native people. We have served and celebrated generations of Indian filmmakers, performing artists
and audiences, along the way drawing into the circle Hollywood celebrities, local families with
children, industry professionals, student filmmakers, seasoned festival­goers and newcomers
traveling to San Francisco from across America and abroad, as well as Tribal partners and
corporate sponsors who have become baseline Festival audiences and patrons.

The American Indian Film Festival® is supported by Indian and non­Indian donors who share
important social and philanthropic values. As such, it is a bright star in an overcast sky. While $5.4
billion is awarded in grants across the United States, less than 1% of the philanthropic grants are
awarded to American Indian concerns (many of them administered by non­Native institutions) and
the scant funding that reaches Native non­profits is almost entirely dedicated to dependancy issues
such as alcoholism, drug addiction and homelessness. Virtually no grants go toward positive
interventions, such as cultural empowerment, arts and media.

The Festival has become a trusted guide to contemporary Indian life. A reliable, celebratory and
empowering event, the Festival’s array of programs ­ films, panel discussions, workshops,
receptions, awards show ­ work to replace stereotypes with authentic representations of Native
traditions, history and present­day life.

The Festival will close with American Indian Motion Pictures Awards Show on Sunday,
November 9. Together, the Festival and Awards Show form the cornerstone of AIFI’s exhibition
strategy by providing an opportunity and national venue for emerging and established filmmakers,
entertainers, and performing artists to come together, renew their artistic spirit, and share their
gifts. Since the first Awards Show in 1978, the signature event has been a community­ based circle
in which creative storytellers are showcased and commended for their cinematic achievements.

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  • Jack Falls-Rock

    i would love to come and sing here if that is possible this year, :)

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